Collaboration /

islamap is location based app for muslims in muslim minority countries.
We support halal/muslim frinendly places. Currently our service in Japan.

Restaurant Support.

We support opening/opened restaurants who provide service for muslims. purchasing halal ingredients, getting halal certificaiton, marketing online with islamap.

Shop Support

We support halal shop business by distributing the shop-favorited-user based coupons online.

Attraction Support

We support attraction places which consider how to also welcome muslim visitors to Japan.

Hotel Support

We support hotels who wants to provide service for muslims in muslim minority countries.

Movie support

We will take your place movie with you.

Menu support

We support making muslim friendly menus that will be famous, by using facebook, twitter, instagrams test-marketing.

We support location-based-business in muslim minotiry countries
that is providing services for muslims,
our contact is here.

Email: info[@]